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Lions Den Boerboel's A Different Type of Breeder.


Founded by Musa  Branham.  We are Located in southern New Jersey.  Our goal is to maintain the ranks of the True working  boerboel bloodlines. We hope to accomplish this goal through selective breeding using only the best working boerboels.  We look for the best studs and dam's for our breeding program.  Profit is good but we do not just push puppies out for profit. Our purpose for future breedings is to one day produce some of the most well respected line of  well rounded working boerboels. We will be working with some of the most respected breeders in the U.S., and abroad to compile and preserve this rare and beloved dog from over breeding practices, the mixing of our dogs bloodlines to get traits that are not consisent of a true boerboel.  (yet pawning these dogs off as boerboels) We  only breed boerboels!!! No mixes no funny stuff. We look for our dogs  to be full of drive, able to work in the heat for a long periods of time as they were breed to do. Size is a must, just as important is balance, mucle ,and bone.  All this in one hulking correct true working boerboel.  Just as important as the physical attributes, is temperment. For that reason we do not have a bunch of dogs on our property, as it would not be possible to have them all in the home with us.  Boerboel's love there family and do much better in the home, so this is our personal choice.  All of our dogs live in the Den with the family so that they are truly part of our pack.  We are working very close with local breeders to produce, and share in breedings. We feel this will give us the best results, and insure that we are breeding for conformation, and not for quick profit. The boerboel may not be the best dog for new dog owners, as they can be dominate if not properly raised.  The last thing you want is a 150 -170lbs male boerboel that you can't control, a firm hand is a must.  If you are looking for something, rare, that will stop traffic well look no further.  The mighty Boerboel is the dog for you. fearless, beautiful, graceful, loyal, willing. Large family guard dog Lion's Den Boerboels 

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