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Jericho!! Jericho!! what can I say about this 10 month old 29" inch, at the shoulders freak of nature?! This boy is hands down one to watch.  This dog is a breeders dream he  is made of the top of the top champion boerboels to ever walk the planet.... 


Judah is outstanding young male seen here up to 10 months..  Judah just Scored 88.6% at only 10 months.

Alpine Lion's Raider


Alpine Lion's Raider is a well rounded very athletic boerboel.  Raider is the son of Alpine Lion's Vader. Vader is the  son of Dopper Ronin. 

Alpine Lion's (Dopper) Ronin was from the finest line of boerboels in existence (Dopper storm, Dopper Madala, Corma Buks, Dopper Oubaas, Reonard Martiens, Avontuur Anton, Nostradomas Jock, Dopper Hitler, and Dopper Storm).  He was massive, handsome, fearless, and unwavering in his protection and loyalty to his family.

 Raiders mother is Alpine Lion's ZaZa daughter of the great Caberet Pavarotti and Alpine lion's Tiffa a African import from spitsvuur kennels.  Raider has the stuff I see lacking in young studs today, Mobility. He is always on the go with movement second to none.  You will be hard pressed to find a true working type boerboel like this with better movement.  He is not over done, he has a great head deep red color,great muscle tone, and a real bad boy attitude.  He is just what we where looking for in our foundation male.

Lion's Den Naeem

Naeem is a rare piebald pup.  He is the son of Raider and Kenya, shown at 10 months.  Naeem was held back to add bone, and  size requirments at lion's den.  Watch him grow!

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