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Zion is a large ball of muscle 13 months old 141 lbs of fancy feet.

Alpine Lion's Kenya

Alpine Lion's Kenya is a large girl.  She is the daughter of Alpine lion Tiffa a South African import, and Alpines Lion Vader. Kenya embodies all that which we strive for at Lion's Den.


Kenya is a Alpha Bitch, and has no problem laying down the law to male or female dogs, she makes it known she is the boss.  Kenya is the type of dog you can take any place under any conditions, and you know she will be stable. She is 100% intune with her human family, and she does not need to be told what to do, she some how just knows.

Bouwer Zeenah

Zeenah is a Imported girl with some older blood which is needed for our progam.  She will bring bone, solid head, and  mass to our program.


Mollie is 11 months in these photo's!  She is a large heavy boned , explosive  female with a head that puts some males to shame.  Mollie is from some old lines of Boerboels and was brought to the Den to further add bone and size to our program.

Lion's Den Nyla

Lion's Den Nyla @ 5 -9 months Daugher of Alpine Lion's Raider X Kenya.  Nyla  is a sight to behold.  Her Movement is superior, dare I 

say out right flawless.  Her drive, and guard instinct are true to the great dopper blood that runs heavy in her. Nyla's blood line is composed of the who's who of the boerboel world. Stay tuned to see her grow in to a fine boerboel bitch.  




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